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/SHred.diNG/ /fās/



A term that originated in northern Saskatchewan it indicates you were snowboarding so awesomely and at such a dominating caliber compared to everyone else on the mountain that you physically shredded the skin, eyes, and ultimately face, off of anyone and everyone who was pathetically attempting to keep up with you. The term is used as both an insult when you’ve showed someone how it’s done (ex. Just shredded your face off chump!) and as a taunt when the day of shred has either just started or you’re loading up your gear on the way to the hill. (Better enjoy the view while you still can boys because I'm about to shred your faces off!)
"I was shredding face all day, these chumps didn't have a chance on the slopes"

"Well boys enjoy your faces while you still have em because I'm gonna be shredding face all day!"

"Hey Ian what happened to your face... looks like it got shredded off!"

"Nate was really shredding face today" "Yeah no kidding, when you're riding with chumps named Jaz how can you not!"
by TheGrizzlyDen December 09, 2013
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