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First begun in 1843, the ISA, or International Shpoople Association, is the leading organizer and executor of intra- and international Shpoople matches and tournaments, including the WST, the World Shpoople Trophy.

Shpoople was begun by Fjord Vanderflorgen in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has since become arguably the most popular game in recent history, with recent ISA findings estimating 1.9 billion individuals with intimate knowledge of the game.

The match is over when one participant has clearly victored and declared "Shpoople!". Condolences are then offered to the loser of the match, most commonly "Don't be sad, that's why they call it Shpoople".
Don't be sad Peter, that's why they call it Shpoople
by Fjorg Vanderhusken June 09, 2009
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1. Literally meaning: "Don't be sad/upset"

2. The title of a vigorous fringe sport known only as Shpoople. Due to this, shpoople is also used with the meaning "Don't be sad/upset, it is only a game".
"Don't be sad Peter, that's why they call it Shpoople."
by Lazaryck August 14, 2009
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(verb) To Shpoople

A word used when one cannot complete a sentence. A Shpoople is often used during awkward moments and are good for various times of odditiy. Shpoople is a word of a new bread, it can be used in any and all sentences and is made for the purpose of filling sentences so you dont have to.
"Uhm hey can i have that pen?"

"So is that a yes?"

-"Yeah dude sure."

*silence during a car ride* "SHPOOPLE"

-"Derick what was that?"

"You know that kid in school who wont stop saying shpoople? yeah were all gonna beat the crap outta him at lunch you in?"

by The True Shannigan September 25, 2009
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The word yelled by a bald man with a handlebar mustache and Down's Syndrome...Occasionally, he wears a red helmet and a tight, white tank top around town. He also likes to skateboard in his spare time.
Steve - "Hey, get the hell off my lawn!

Guy with Down's Syndrome - "SHPOOPLE!"
by iRepMyDougie April 06, 2011
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