You missed being a part of something big. You didn't see it. You weren't there. You can only imagine, but it's not good enough, cuz you weren't there. You should have been there. It means, folks wish you could have seen it, but you didn't. And even if you could see it on video, it's not good enough. You should have been there. The energy was amazing.
Dood, you totally missed it. You shoulda been there.
by Pisgah March 07, 2012
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Similar in meaning to “Boy, am I a dumb ass,” this advanced application of “fuck me running” is to be used in situations which were originally a surprise, but now have recurred over and over again, and the fuckee (that's you) has still not had the sense to leave.
As in: “I still have a joint checking account with my girlfriend. Well, fuck me stupid, shoulda been running."
by rowafe August 25, 2009
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Should have already done so prior to already doing so.
He been shoulda been payin’ me my money!
by Ghetto Fabulous Kitten February 14, 2018
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