*buddy gets shot by a shot gun*
Oh shit he clapped buddy up with a shotty pump
by Pap_So_Savage July 22, 2018
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An urban slang used to replace shotgun , vinchester , etc.
Became a popular word in a popular game called "Fortnite" , battle royale copy of a copy of a copy.
1. Last match i got 5 kills ONLY from a pump-shotty!
2 No fair! He killed me with the pump-shotty!
by Jesus with a Shotgun May 13, 2018
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In Most online FPS's there is generaly a pump action 12 gauge. This gun is usualy slow and inaccurate. In counter strike, this weapon if killed by it is a humiliation.
HOLY SHIT! that guy just got fucking pwned by a pump shotty!
by Matt Mcelhinney August 26, 2005
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One who is well skilled in the art of the Pump Shotgun in games such as Counter Strike, and jump around while killing people in the air...much like a ninja. Thus the term, Pump Shotty Ninja.
"Dude, that guy is such a Pump Shotty Ninja. He just wtfpwned me."
by lolPLD September 15, 2006
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A huge pump shotgun that I will fire up your ass if you steal
my weed.

Used similarly to "popping a cap up your ass".
ie. shooting a gun up someone´s rectal passage.
Gangsta 1: Oy m8 back off my lawn before I bring out my pump shotty!
Random dude: Shit Relax dude!
by LikeDAtAssSHit October 3, 2019
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