To be excited about a thing. To be a fan of something. Usually used as a negative.
Bob: Did you see the new movie with what’s-his-name in it?

Bill: Nah. I’m not shot in the head with his work. I find himpretentious.
by EZ Poppy March 26, 2022
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(n.) A word that describes something harsh said to some body that causes mental and emotional disconfort. A "shot to the head" is caused by a low blow or a harsh comment.
When Shelly told me "get a job you idiotic pig," it felt like a shot to the head.
by Corzocl February 21, 2006
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A cum-shot head-cheeseburger is a grilled burger with a guy's head-cheese and cum-shot on it.
We went on a cadet picnic, but all they'd let me eat were cum-shot head-cheeseburgers!
by eda-skip October 13, 2021
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