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A man who achieves orgasm and ejaculation very swiftly, leaving his female partner feeling short-changed and frustrated. Often associated with young men in their late teens and 20’s who have not learned how to delay their ejaculation until their partner’s level of sexual excitement is about to allow release by orgasm.
“Tony wanted to take me from behind on Monday night - I’ve never done any doggie doggie before so I was real excited and got some serious knicker trickle.”

“Sounds good - did you enjoy it?”

“Yea sure I did but he was a short fuse shooter and it was all dried and smoked in 4 minutes I’d say.”
“Poor you - what did you do? “
“I waited till he was asleep and had a gentle wanklit’.
“Yummy - can’t wait!”
by Katie4eyes March 02, 2018
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A man, often young and inexperienced in sexual matters, who reaches orgasm very swiftly during intercourse, and without providing sexual satisfaction for his partner.
"Come on Cindy, tell the truth, did you and David do the deed after your date on Saturday?!"

"Tammy, I tell you, he was a short fuse shooter - in and out and done all in 25 seconds flat . I was real disappointed cos you know he'd done some great finger work beneath the fur before I was ready to open the gate. I needed a quiet wanklit when I got back to the dorm and I'm sure Diane and Chloe heard me and knew what had happened."

"That's too bad - he's a beautiful guy, so who's gonna teach him how a girl ticks with the flicks?"

"Not me Tammy, you try!"
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by Katie4eyes May 06, 2018
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