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An exclamation first said, then made famous by, Doug, aka. Sweetfeet, aka. DEB. It originated in the year 2002 with its appearance and the rise of the word in Popham House, and more specifically, in the Inner Popham Circle (IPC).

The pronunciation is sh-uh(hold)-t-sa

It has many uses and therefore, many definitions. The word can be used as an exclamation often interchangeable with shit or fuck. It is most commonly found in the form "shooot" rather than the lengthy version "shoootza." In times of need, it can also be conjugated as a Spanish verb in the forms: shoooto shooootas shooota shoooooootamos shoootais shooootan. Shoootza is such a covenant word that it can mean most anything based on the tense used and the tone of voice used.

Finally, the more o's added, the more emphasized it is. Saying shooot has much less power than saying shooooooot and even less than shooooooooooooooot

Be sure to check out the Facebook group dedicated to this word: /group.php?gid=2213726311
I hate you! You're such a shooot!
Go to shooot, you lousy piece of shooot!
Shoooooot! I just dropped a loaf of shooot on my foot.
Shoootza that hurt!
by Popham House January 22, 2007
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