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Shode is a combination of sheep and chode, this word is used on those who have a small chubby penis (chode) and also follow others around thinking they are full cool or eshay. Shodes don't realise that everyone knows they have a small chode and just follow people around so they continue on thinking that they are liked by some.
Q: Yo bruv, what did that guy say to u?

A: Idk he is retard he called me a fat whale?? then his shode came up and like an absolute sheep said "yer u fat whale" then started doing this strange laugh like he was actually funny

Q: Hey girlfriend! this guy sent me a dp and he has such a chode and all he does is follow me around and agree to everything i say he is so weird

A: Wow what a shode
by howsmartareyou November 07, 2017
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Derives from Chode, but instead of a penis it is a turd that is wider than it is long.
Dude, Warwick left a shode in the bog.

You are a shoude!
by Jordan of the Jungle November 13, 2004
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