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An absolute complete fucking eejit with a prominent nose and a face like a smashed crab
He's such a Shmoid
by DanQuaid_69r December 08, 2017
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A shmoid is that one guy who just ruins everything for everyone. A complete headass, if you will, that doesn’t know how to act or function like a normal human being.
A shmoid is that one guy who people heavily insist on not inviting anywhere, but of course still shows up, gets obliterated, and either pisses himself and tries to start a fight with a shrub or gets drunk enough to have the confidence to hijack the aux only to post 4 minutes of him lipsynching to 21 savage on Snapchat.
Shmoids generally give off a pungent odor, and even when they do practice personal hygiene, their personality still smells like a burning landfill mixed with fart juice because that’s how bad they suck.
Shmoids are just the worst. There’s hope for some of them, but others are too far gone.
person A: I heard Johnny has a furry alter ego named Pancakes.
person B: Jesus. What a shmoid.

person A: Ew, did you see Joe’s Snapchat story? It’s just 5 minutes of him lipsynching to Gods Plan.
person B: yikes. He’s such a shmoid.
by yikers2000 December 01, 2018
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