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'Shmell' is a humorous alternative to the original, and slightly more boring word, smell.

It is generally used to amuse people and therefore leads to parties starting.

It is frowned upon by Wikipedia.
'Hey there !'

'Hey, did you shmell something?'

'Oh ho ! I think I did shmell something !'

And thus partying ensues.
by Lovecatx November 15, 2008
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whatever you want it to be.
Bacon shmells wobs like every day.
I want to shmell that broad.
Ru is a stinky shmelly wej.
by Tomas Murphu June 14, 2009
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Another word for smoking, best used for disguising the activity.
Kid: Yo, you grab that dutch like I told you?
Other kid: Yeah, lets shmell a fatty.
by Johnny Hammahsticks December 01, 2009
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