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At the intersection of shit happening and humorous turn of unwelcome events lies the shizaster. Derived from the Greeko-Roman root 'shit' and Latin 'disaster', shizaster is a term commonly employed as a happy medium between the long-winded 'shit just happened' and an overstated description of the event as a 'disaster'. Used by soccer moms, presidents, and entertainers alike, shizaster reflects and describes the nature of the unfortunate event with toyota-prius-like efficiency and syllable footprint that is both ecofriendly and deserving of admiration and awe from those unfamiliar with the term.

From Michael Vicks attorney to Michael Vick "Mike, if you even so much as give a dirty look to a puppy on a street corner, we will have a major PR shizaster on our hands."


Sarah Palin "Who would have thought that Bristol getting knocked up would turn my campaing into a complete shizaster"


From wife to husband: "Edward, your careless and disorganized ways will turn this home into the same shizaster you have going on in our garage"


From father to son: "Bobby, if you mention anything to your mother about daddy's lady-friend visitor today, mommy will turn this marriage into a shizaster"


From mother to son: "Bobby you know what our healthcare system says: An apple a day keeps a financial shizaster away. It will also prevent you from turning into a fat-fuck adulterer like your father."
by The Russian Bear September 15, 2009
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A complete and utter "shitty" disaster. A disaster that stretches the meaning of the word disaster beyond it being able to describe and event; thing; point in time.
That was a shizaster; she was a complete shizaster presenting her case; he looks like a shizaster (very diverse).
by CaliforniaMatt August 03, 2008
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