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1. (noun) The colloquial name associated with NSW Transit Authority - Rail Corporation, formally know as City Rail.

2.(noun) An unreliable means of transportation. Travel is generally thought to be by rail but can be changed without notice. Travel can also be suspended without notice. Commuters are also subjected to the whims of the mood of the day of the current guard/announcer. Drivers stop at designated stations if they feel like it. Air conditioning? What air conditioning.
Announcer: We appear to be having technical difficulties. This service will be delayed. We appreciate you patience in this matter.
Commuter: Just another pleasant hold-up proudly brought to you by Shity Rail.
by Fauxmosexual February 11, 2009
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Undeniably THE worst public transport system in the world, and an absolute embarrassment to Australia. The metropolitan train network in Sydney - which might get you where you're going... eventually; but you'd be quicker and safer walking. A third-world country in the middle of a civil war could still manage to run a better rail service than ShityRail.
"The 8:00am service to ...CENTRAL... is running approximately ...TWENTY-FIVE... minutes late"
"The 8:00am service to ...CENTRAL... has been CANCELLED - Please catch the 8:30am service"
"The 8:30am service to ...CENTRAL... has been CANCELLED. Thank you for using ShityRail"
by John_T June 10, 2005
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