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-A person that thinks way highly of themselves, only seeing their group and people they let into their little groupie group as the best things ever. They shitpost because they like getting reaction off a people to make their lives better. They bitch a lot and extremely rude. They think they're always right and anyone not in their circle a idiot, or India person who is unironic. They are know to gossip likes little bitches about those pages or whoever thinking they care and what they say is very important. They are known to not let a person they don't like shit on them back as a return favor or play in their bitch game.

-Someone seeking extreme attention and lives in the basement of their parents
Shittyfag Nikki asked his shiityfag friend to tag person to their post of an Jeroll, that way the Jeroll can see what bitching they're saying about him and everyone else in their post.
by Super Jeroll December 09, 2016
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