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Shitty Roommate

The shitty Roommate is a male/female who brings utter disgrace to the living quarters and should be avoided at all costs. He/she encompass the characteristics and personality traits that fully display their lack of integrity as a citizen of society. Shitty roommates generally:

(1) do not clean their dishes (sometimes no dish cleaning for months)
(2) has a messy room
(3) Do not take out the trash
(4) Do not clean up after themselves.
(5) Makes excuses for his/her irresponsibility and failings
(6) Exaggerate their excuses
(7) Insist that they are extremely busy as an excuse to not be responsible for their mess.

The archetypal shitty roommate will insist that they are Always busy. Yet he/she will stay up countless hours (10+hrs) playing videos games or watching netflix as opposed to spending 20 minutes to clean their horrendous pile of dishes, take out the trash, and/or other responsibilities. At the end of the day the shitty roommate is an irresponsible humiliation to society.
Shitty Roommate: “Dude, I just got Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic! I’m gonna be playin that shit all night, cuz I’m a nerd! LOL”

Responsible Roommate: “Hey man, I just wanted to let you know that it is actually hazardous to your health to not clean your dishes.”

Shitty Roommate: “Dude, I’m busy. I don’t have time to do the dishes.”

Responsible Roommate: “Oh is that so? Well, I just wanted to bring it up because the dishes haven’t been done in a month.”

Shitty Roommate: “Stop trippin! I’m freakin busy dude! I got 3 papers to write.”

Responsible Roommate: “Are you really that busy, man? Two days ago you stayed up playing Mass Effect for 10 hours. Yesterday you watched Netflix all night. With all due respect, I think it’s only reasonable that you to take a simple 20 minutes of your life to clean your dishes.”

Shitty Roommate: “Dude when you have to write 5 papers then you’ll know what’s it’s like to be busy.”

Responsible Roommate: “First you told me you had to write 3 papers. Now you’re saying you have to write 5 papers? Ya know, I’m a full time college student too, and I also work practically full time. I wrote 2 papers this week in between working 35 hours for the week. The bottom line is that you’re a shitty roommate. Be a Jedi knight and do those dishes!”
by ShutDownSarcasticAssholes March 26, 2012
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A roommate that no one ever should have. This is a roommate that never cleans the room and is a total dick to his roommates. He stays up late doing his homework because he was too busy watching tv. Takes the longest showers and messes with the temperature. He also has no problem walking around naked and showing the world his tiny dick. The world would be better without the shitty roommate.
Erin: Jeff is such a shitty roommate, he always does things intentionally to piss off chris and ryan.

Rest of the track team: Yeah he is a total dick
by crooky12345 March 06, 2011
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