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1. While with a friend(s), observing strangers, you view the person in a highly critical manner. Looking at their clothes, hair, shoes, people they're with, way they are nonverbally communicating, etc. in a critical and usually disapproving way. Thus to gain a fanciful, sophisticated, potentially tragic, back story for the person. Never meant to be said to the subject of focus's face.

2. Making fun of a person quietly (with friends), often while they are in the same room, party or bar.

3. Extremely negatively thinking of someone stemming just from their appearance.
1. "Last night, at the bar, this girl walked in with her fat boyfriend and, MAN, did we shit on her bridge."

2. If one of the friends participating knows the subject of focus: "Hey dude, quit shitting on my friends bridge!"

3. "Hey, what'd you do last night?" "Oh nothing, Sid and I were just out shitting on bridges..."
by SaucyBitch February 02, 2011
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