Simplifying all the details in a fucked up situation.
Mr. Giggins: "First I find out my girlfriend cheated on me, then I find out she is actually a prostitute, and then I find out my Dad is a homosexual!"

Dr. Hyphy: "shits fucked"
by zomblerz November 22, 2009
Final frantic words before driving into a wall/skiing over a cliff etc etc
'shit fuck shit fuck shit fuck' cried james as he slammed into the back of the manure truck
by butt cowboy October 27, 2004
An expression used when just yelling "Fuck" is not enough. Also a gay sex position.
*stubs pinky toe on chair*
Oh Shit-Fuck! That hurt!
by A Manly Ape September 23, 2014
Probably used in a banger sentence meaning it’s bomb as fuck. Also could mean this stuff is really good.
Dude have you tried that bbq
Nah man I have not

Dude this shit fucks, it’s so good
by Bonesauce February 9, 2020
a term used when you dont have the words to express how you really feel
person A: dude by the way those bumps down there are herpes.
person B: shit fuck!!!!!!!
by nsu22snowdemon November 7, 2002
when things are shitty and fucked up
Our government is shit fucked!
by acseg April 19, 2010
A slang term used to describe extreme unproductivity. Similar to "fucking around" but a rung or two higher in how worthless the person is being.
Dave your paper is due by the end of the day! Stop shit fucking on Reddit and get to work!
by jellyjones April 11, 2018