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A shitnick is a person who copies and plagiarizes the work of others, before then presenting it as their own.

Named for the famous 'hacker' Kevin Mitnick, who famously uses the work of others and claims it as his own.
Look at that shitnick, he stole John's project and is up on stage presenting it.
by A Voice In The Dark August 25, 2018
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A dumbfuck; a fucknut; someone more worthless than a peso; your semi-retarded brother who likes to fuck pumpkins.
"Close the door, shitnick, you're letting all the flies in!"

"Stop fucking that pumpkin, shitnick!"
by Brendon November 18, 2003
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The action of stealing something of little to no value. Most often when hammered or tanked.
"Dude, lets shit-nick that lamp shade"

"nah, lets shit-nick that shoe horn"

next day...
"why the fuck would someone steal a shoe horn?"
by DMPDpete August 04, 2008
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