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is a state of being similar to rowdy but at a 10-fold magnitude of intensity which also always involves copious amounts of intoxicating drink and questionable(awesome) decisions.
"Dude did you see Keegan last night he was crunk dancing all night like basically all the way to the floor, and then he jumped off the roof naked."

"Yeah he was pretty shitnasty
by asubbrown April 01, 2010
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Its even better than sick nasty, therefore better than wow, excellent its ultimate enialation mate.
Shit the bed mate, thats shit nasty!

Sick to the nasty mate - "yer mate thats shit nasty"
by Tra'or March 18, 2008
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Pronounced "shnasty". Worse than nasty. Worse than shit. It's shitnasty.
"I found a sandwich in my locker, I think it was in there for over a year". "That's shitnasty!".
by K.M May 13, 2006
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