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Another word for Engrish, Shitglish is simply very bad or shit English (hence the name, Shitglish.) It is usually the result of a non-English speaker trying to communicate with an English speaker by using a translator to translate their language into English sometimes resulting in grammar that is so bad an English person can't make heads or tails of what the non-English speaker is trying to say.
Non-English Speaker: Did you made mission?
English Speaker: Wtf are you saying?
Non-English Speaker: Did already you made the mission?
English Speaker: No
Non-English Speaker: You did already not make the mission :(
English Speaker: Can I talk to someone who I can understand, I don't understand you
Non-English Speaker: But I speak the English
English Speaker: No you're speaking in Shitglish
by A15kk July 31, 2013
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