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A term used to define how anyone feels after a great night out. Brought on by too much alcohol, crazy mad dancing, not enough food and a very, very late night. The person will feel nauseous, have very dry, bloodshot eyes and only really be able to crawl for the first 2 hours. Walking gradually builds from Chimp, through Neanderthal to upright over 4-5 hours.

To remedy, complete the following:
Make a strong cup of tea, large Bacon sandwich, drink lots of water, take 2 paracetamol every 4 hours for the entire day and always return to bed when possible.
The morning after the Wedding, while sitting in the garden of the hotel many friends commented on one individuals use of Sunglasses. Having peeled them from his face it was clear to see that he was suffering from major Shiteye.
by Lord_Gammon_Dagger August 16, 2012
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Shit eye was made in a chinese restraunt where one boy dropped his drink and went to say shit on it and dickeye at the same time, unfortanetely or shall we say fortanetly he cam out with the word "shiteye". It has now taken the world by storm as it is now used in screams of pain, as an insult and just as a normal word. Made by Kentpunt
*Harry drops drink*
Oh shiteye!
by Kentpunt February 11, 2012
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Shit eyes is a term used to describe one with large 'shitty' looking rings below the eye.
Usually confused with the more common 'panda' eyes.

Jack: "Yo Serban, wtf is with your eyes??"
Serban: "I stayed up all night watching EPL and eating peanuts"
Jack: "Dude you have an epic case of shit eyes!"
by Kablahh April 03, 2008
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sleep achieved via excessive consumption of alcoholic beverage(s); sleep that would otherwise not be possible without alcoholic beverage(s).
I have not slept since she left me.. luckily, I got my hands on a bottle of Jack last night and got myself a good night of Shit eye.
by Armelin & Holloway Inc. November 04, 2010
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To give somebody an unpleasant (or, shitty) glare, in lieu of saying anything distasteful.
I drove my new car past an old farmer on an ancient tractor with my stereo up, and he just gave me the shit eye.
by Six El Sid January 29, 2009
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The offensive (but accurate) way to refer to an unrepenting jackass who frequently makes life difficult for others by being mean-spirited and/or simply stupid.

Presumable derived from a culture that tended to hold down those who exhibited these traits and rub shit in their eyes.

Synonymous with Fucker.
Hey, Shit Eyes, that's my mug. Use your own.

Shit Eyes over there keeps using my mug.

I wish that Shit Eyed fucker would stop using my mug.
by Ship Cannon August 19, 2010
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When you have an infection (pink eye) and assholes like me make fun of you by calling you "shit eye" yayyyy
by Germ Berger November 19, 2016
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