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Cheapo flip-flops you can buy at the dollar store or anywhere else, always costing less than $10. Also known as Double Pluggers
"Let's race!" Can't run, I'm wearing shit-flops

My shoes broke! "can i help fix them?" Don't worry about it, they're just shit-flops

I'm going to the beach tomorrow, but don't have any sandals, guess i'll just pick up some shit-flops
by Titagula Gervais August 21, 2010
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Shitflops are a REALLY crappy, or rough looking pair of flip-flops or sandals.

Me: Alright guys, I'm ready

Friend 1: Dude...what are those unholy looking things on your feet?

Me: What? you have a problem with my flip flops? I'll have you know that these Shitflops and I have gone through alot of things together...that, and they were free. And my friend, you can't beat free.

Friend 2: Your right, shitflops about sum those things up.

Me: that all you heard me say?

Friend 2: What?

Me: F*** you man, go suck a fat one.
by The Perpendicular Tickler August 25, 2008
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