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"Shit happens". Used to diffuse a situation or suggest that a situation is not as bad as one suspects
Dude: Man, I can't believe she dumped me.
Man: Shit haps, dude.
by Foust Foust Foust January 03, 2012
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1. Like a sitrep, but in a civilian / corporate context and, more specifically, describing a situation that has absolutely no silver lining.
WALT: Hey boss, looks like we have a big problem here.

JAMES: Gimme the shithap.

WALT: Well, it looks like the production line is down because of civil unrest in Thailand and when I tried to get in touch with the COO, he was freaking out about a dead prostitute in his hotel room.

JAMES: Not good.

WALT: Male prostitute.

JAMES: Really not good.

WALT: Potentially a Jonas brother.

JAMES: Top grade shithap, Walt. Get my chopper fueled for Phuket and keep up the good work.
by Harris Bergstein May 12, 2010
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Mishap: When you get a flat tire on the way to a doctor's appointment, and your crowbar breaks and the doctor's receptionist won't give you a break because it's not 24 hours notice and you forgot your triple A card.

Shithap: When the same thing is happening in a blizzard and a semi is jacknifing toward you at 80 MPH on the ice.
by JordanMacLeanAuthor March 26, 2013
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