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The shame you feel when you take a huge dump while you're alone in a public restroom, then one or more people walk into the restroom just as you're about to leave and the smell is at its worst. You're forced to hide in the stall until everyone leaves because you don't want anyone to know it was you who just made the entire restroom smell like pure evil.
Johnny: "I have to go take a dump. I'll be back."
Billy: "Okay. I'll wait."

25 minutes later...

Billy: "Dude, what took you so long??"
Johnny: "Sorry. 3 other guys came in while I was in there. The smell was so bad that I had shit shame. I couldn't show my face until everyone left."
Billy: "Oh yes. Been there. Shit shame is the worst."
by ILoveDucksTheMost October 29, 2009
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Shit shame occurs when co-workers choose not to take part in typical restroom small talk due to one or more of the parties having recently shat.
I wanted to ask my boss about leaving early today in the bathroom, but couldn't bare the shit shame
by bigfatredballoon February 12, 2014
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