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So I've invented a new word...'Shiscuits'. Definition is : The only biscuits you have left in the cupboard when you go looking,.You were hoping to find a Bourbon or Lemon Puff but all that was there was an open pack of Scottish shortbread left over from Christmas..Any shit biscuits hence..Shiscuits! This also doubles up as a game the whole family can play.You suggest a biscuit, let's say jammy dodger, and the other person has to right down 'Biscuit or Shiscuit.If you guess there answer correctly you get an agreed biscuit,if not,you have to eat 3 Jacobs Cream Crackers without any water.The loser is the first one to dehydrate to such an extent that you can't get your crackers down. So there you go...Shiscuits...Enjoy using it and playing it!
I'm afraid we don't have any good stuff,only Shiscuits!
by The Burf June 23, 2018
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when you wake up in the morning and start talking to somebody and your breath smells like you just got done eating a fresh batch of shit biscuits for breakfast.
ie:you go over to your buddy's house early in the morning and say"hey you want these tickets for the noon kickoff? he's hung over and says "uumm...sure i'll go" and you say "what did you have for breakfast this morning, shiscuits?"
by jasteel20 December 11, 2007
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