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If you are the designated driver or designated walker, a person who always complains to go with you to a party and always wants to leave a party early knowing you're responsible for taking them home. They are the type to act reckless at parties and force you to be the ones to watch over them
See gamekiller

Named after what small children do to their mothers when they are being whiny brats
Text from Dawn: alright so what's the plan for tonight
Text from Dawn: If you're going to Ron's party let me know
Text from Dawn: I'm ready, so if you're ready, let me know
Text from Dawn: I'm 5 minutes away from your house
Text from Dawn: I'm at your door
Text from Me: You're such a shirt-tugger

Dawn: Can we go?
Me: Fuck no. We just got here. Quit tuggin my shirt
by Uncleruck April 26, 2008
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