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The idea of seeing the world through a dog's eyes. Often from the perspective of a person standing close with the dog near their feet so that only the person's tibia (shin) is seen. This is often seen in Ralph Drabble who has some of the toughest shins in the country.
Ralph: (eating a bag of pretzels) Hey Wally, you want one? (Kneels down so that Wally slams against Ralph's shins when running in)

Wally: Sure, I love seeing you humans' world this way. It's Shinvision. (Runs away tripping on the rug crashing hard into Opal Crankshaft's legs)

Opal: (screaming) Ow! Tender tibia, why do you do that? Wally, that hurt! My shins aren't as hard as Ralph's.

Wally: (barking and talking at same time) Sorry, Miss Opal, I was just trying to get the pretzel from Ralph. I didn't know I was going to bang you.

Opal: (reaches down and starts to massage Wally) Its okay, I understand! We older people, we don't understand shinvision. Its mostly you younger guys.

Ralph: (taking Opal's weights and starts exercising with them) Well, that was a real shin shock!

Opal: Sweet! This is wild. Seeing the world from your shins. Awesome baby!! (gives Ralph a high five and then high paws Wally)
by Dusty's Baby Powder March 31, 2011
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