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This awesome Stardoll-er and Wattpad-er, who writes good stories, and is known for her general kindness on the internet. She always advertises herself as a Christian, and is very devoted to Jesus Christ. On Stardoll, she is part of several clubs for Self Harm recovery, and some story writing clubs. (In this case, "clubs" means like, book clubs, a bunch of people getting together and disscussing things. not club as in club) On Wattpad, she has several awesome stories already written, and a couple more in the works. She says she aspires to be a singer/actress someday, and has a topic of her songs on Wattpad. This kid is going to be big someday. I really hope so. Her best-Stardoll-friend is known as Redstargal, who is also a writer, Christian, and Wattpad-er. Check them both out, they're really cool people. Although, if you fuck around with ShineUrLiteLuv, she's known for not taking shit off of others. Also, her stories are sometimes sexual but everyone loves them.
person 1: Have you heard the new ShineUrLiteLuv story?

person 2: toats dude! She's so cool!


Person 1: ShineUrLiteLuv is my internet idol. I hope she's famous one day.


Hater: ShineUrLiteLuv is awful. I can't stand her. (even though truly jealous)

Me: Dude, she is the bestest person in the internet world!
by RainbowJ February 18, 2013
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