An infamous bit of Engrish from the Japanese version of Super Mario Sunshine. It happened to make its way into the English (!!!) version of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.
Wouldn't "Got Shine!" have been a better thing for the game to say?
by Intelligence: The Anti-N00b February 9, 2005
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A random expression taken from the Japanese version of Super Mario Sunshine for Gamecube. In that game, the Engrish message "SHINE GET!" appears on your screen each time you acquire one of the game's 120 Shine icons. Used in casual conversation, it has no real meaning.
<Dude1> I have to go get the mail
<Dude2> More like SHINE GET!
<Dude2> ^___^
by Gorillaz87 December 13, 2003
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The act of doing something fresh, tight, swagged out, baller, legit, or awesome that gets you noticed. This action is usually followed by raising ones hand to the sky as if you are gripping the sun while saying "Shine Get" and results in much hate from the wack dudes lurking on the sidelines.
Hater 1: Damn Q came into the spot with a chick on each arm son, a baby tiger on a leash son, and a suit made from the finest dodo feathers maaaaan ...

Hater 2: Yeah Q be on that shine get.
Hater 1 and Hater 2: Man F that dude, he aint nice.
by SansFamiliar June 21, 2011
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A great reg over at the vesti. The kind of person that makes you proud to say "i am a vestibulian!"
shine-get posted yet another amazing thread!!
by K-X ;\ August 14, 2003
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