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A small scruffy town in county durham, home to hooligans, thugs, chavs and alcoholic teens. Shildon has its plus sides, it has more than 20 takeaways, on our 200-300 metre high street. shildon is made up of small shops, take aways and generally unnice people. if indeed you are common scum please join shildon youll fit in with over 90% of people.
were shall we go to be agressive dicks... shildon we can crossbow people yeah?
by Smithy werman jensen June 29, 2009
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Shildon is a place that is filled with idiots who can't find their head out of the clouds. The majority of people in Shildon will drink until their guts are severely infected, take drugs 24/7, abuse others for no reason or if the worse comes for some people, all three combined. Maybe back in the early years of the 2000s, Shildon was a bit better but coming into the mid 2000s and onto the 2010s era, people have become egotistical and corrupt in Shildon. The majority of people also care about themselves only and nobody else because it is a hard job trying to think about anyone else's concern. Maybe 60, maybe 70% of the town is infested with chavs who act like they are clever but there are a few and I mean few decent people in the town but that is a very small number and if they are known about how nice they are, the majority of Shildon will think they are pathetic because those people who bring kindness to others are the only people who have balls in this town. If you ask me, moving to a place like Durham holds more value than staying in Shildon. Did that last year and I have never regretted it, I still come to Shildon to visit my nan every Saturday and I am not shocked to see how troubled this town is.
Funny quote from my best friend

"There are more crimes that are left unpunished in Shildon than episodes of Eastenders combined"

If you want to know which loser has committed a crime in Shildon, read the Town Crier
by CraigTheTruthSeeker October 24, 2013
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