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A friendly person that if you mess with her, she will glock you with a 9mm in the nut sack. When I go to bed I fear her, if you say her name 5 times without the lights she will appear and throw flower petals at you. If you are evil, she will appear and simply glock you once in the nuts. She only does it once because I’m the long run she knows your poor azz can’t afford the to pay the high deductible.

Overall, she is a wonderful person who you can always come to for advice and an incredible singer and is gorgeous.
Mason: “Shiera, Shiera, Shiera, Shiera, Shiera”

Shiera: Yes, You get Glocked him the nutz. POW POW POW.

Me: Nooooooo, I can’t pay the high deductible at the hospital!!!!!

Shiera: Get rekt kid!!!!!!!! I’m Gorgeous, I disappear now with your girl.

by MrTopRamenXD August 08, 2018
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