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The most amazing person you could ever meet she is fun, cute, beautiful, smart, talented and makes you want to smile every single moment your with her. She deserves to be treated well and with respect she should be every guy's goal in life as there is no one better than her. If you ever meet a sherylann don't give up on her and if you get her don't let her go.
Mum: "why are you smiling so much while texting"
Me: "isn't it obvious I'm talking to a sherylann"
by ForSherylann April 09, 2015
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A lovely caring and well being person, she acts nice around her friends but really she is mean at heart.

''omg she is lovely and horrible at same time!''

''must be a sherylann''
mean lovely sherylann
by StephanieLovert September 03, 2012
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