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A small, wealthy town 23 miles west of Boston with an outstanding public school system and a highly dysfunctional government. The town has made very little progress in the past 200 years because most people die before they can complete the lengthy, decades long application process necessary to get a building project approved. However, this convoluted approval process has preserved much of the town's historic beauty. Its residents are sort of like the Amish, only with indoor toilets and BMWs in the driveway.
I'm building a house in Sherborn, MA! Maybe my grandkids will get to live there!
by Sherbornite February 09, 2010
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A town of rich gangstas, thugs, and OGs who have never seen the easy side of life. They spend their time by buying gangsta shit and a lot of thuggish cars and glocks, and usually pot.
An OG from Sherborn, MA has the option of choosing his very own customized chains, AK 47, 6 glocks, or 3 benzos with lorenzos.
by Bonethug June 01, 2007
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Sherborn, MA is a down filled with wannabe gangstas and pussy-cat prankstas. the biggest of wich goes only by "bonethug"
"hey you know that kid bonethug"
"yea hes a tool, everyone knows dover is better than Sherborn"
"yea Sherborn, MA sucks"
by doverrocks December 08, 2007
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