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Sheltercove a.k.a. Shelterhood is the hoodest and most essential area of Toms River where ever member of Toms River High School East has visited at least once. During the day, you can bike or longboard to this outstanding ghetto bay beach and you get a classy view of Seaside Heights a.k.a. Sleezeside right across it. There's also some real nice jungle gym sets and volleyball courts with the nets and balls always conveniently missing. There's also cracked tennis courts and soccer fields that always flood. There's also an annual Sheltercove Beach "Party" every summer where Bob Marley look-a-likes perform on stage while there's vendors selling shitty food and purses. During the night, it's the area everyone goes to on their boring, useless Friday nights to smoke a boge, get laid, or just chill with friends listening to bullshit music hella loud. It also doubles as the spot to exchange booze or illegal substances, so pigs tend to roam the area. Despite Shelterhood's rough appearances, the kids in Shelterhood are like no other. They are proud motherfuckers who take no one's shit and will defend their home til the death.
- Yo man, nothing's going on tonight. What should we do?
- Chill at Sheltercove I guess.
- Alright sounds good.

-Don't mess with him. He's from Sheltercove.
by Squidney711 March 21, 2011
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In addition to the original definition, Sheltercove is also the home to countless woods parties and bonfires when everyone else refuses to have a party that night. If you go back there, you'll found an infinite amount of beer cans and alcohol bottles, as well as a few couches and various other furniture.
- Hey, where should we drink tonight?
-I don't know. Nothing's going on. I guess we'll go to Sheltercove.
by Squidney711 April 08, 2011
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