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Derogatory Yiddish slang for a non-Jewish male (often a young man). Much worse than the common term "Goy," which can mean "gentile" in a neutral way. From the biblical Hebrew for "blemish" in connection with "unclean." Related to "Shiksah," which is an equally derogatory term for a non-Jewish female. Shortens to "Schkutz."
"Moishe, see that Sheigetz over there? What a Schkutz - he turned over Abe's pushcart last week."
by Nathan Hamburger July 10, 2008
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A non-observant Jew, i.e., a Jew who flagrantly disregards Biblical as well as Rabinical Laws and customs; typically with disdain.
That guy who blasphemes the name of G-d, works on the Sabbath, and disrespects his fellow man is a real sheigetz.
by Jesse Klapholz May 29, 2007
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