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1. A sexy amazing girl who has tons of guy friends and they all like her but they're to shy to admit it. Shes also gorgeous and has her own unique style . She's tough , smart and classy. Loves to live life to the fullest. Shy at first, but wen you get to know her your like! Damn she's sexy , smart , funny, and badass!

2. A girl that everyone loves. Has a killer body, smile, and personality. Great dancer, kisser, and in bed. Also has her own blonde moments in life where you can't help but laugh at her. Loves the men, and the men love her. Normally goes for the "older men", for the experience. Loves to have a "good time"

3. A woman who loves to tease men with empty promises

4. A great great great friend who goes through many similar things as her bestfriends. she is always there and is very bubbly. she laughs all the time and is there through everything. she'll make you smile even at the worst times in your life. and helps you with anything and will listen to anything you have to say.
1. My friend is such a Sheelu, but I don't know how to tell her

2. Damn look at that Sheelu over there looking so fine

3. My booty call promised me some action tonight and rejected me last second :(

Ohhh what a Sheelu that girl

4. I could really use a Sheelu right about now
by pancakesandwaffles April 04, 2011
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A gorgeous woman whose intelligence,radiance and beauty are proportional to her unmatched aesthetic nature and captivating mellifluous renditions which hypnotize every possible male who she comes in contact with.Although sometimes feisty,a somewhat alluring aura emanates from her very soul thus rendering her irresistible to all males.
Wow did u see that girl?She is so awesome and amazing in every way.She's so much of a sheelu
by Dj P. March 09, 2012
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