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Shed crew, named after the shed at which their pre night drink up are held, are best known for their dominance over the little known BMC.

Like the English language, shed crews vocabulary derives mainly from others. The main contributor to their use of words is a member who brought classic words such as ‘nitto’, ‘toby’ and ‘avich’ to the crew. BMC (Batty Man Crew) have taken a liking to stealing many of these words in an attempt to gain the same level of coolness as shed crew, however this attempt has had no effect on BMC’s status at the bottom of the social ladder.

Although some members elect to drink ‘women drinks’ such as wine, vodka or cider, the true members of shed crew will always stick to the reliable and great value 6 for 5, usually obtained from yellow shop.

At parties their activities range from topless dancing alone to spending the whole night in the smoking area with Beaves to standing in a corner by themselves looking extremely depressed but claiming to have a good time.

To become a shed crew gally is a great honor, your chances of becoming one are greatly improved if your name is Stroma or you got too drunk in Kavos in the summer of 2010.

Although now partially disbanded due to members going to university to take copious amounts of ketamin or to be pussywhipped from a greater distance the shed crew still lives on.
by shed man November 23, 2010
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