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A beautiful girl, who is loving and kind. She has many friends and is fun to be around. She can be a quite young lady at times but usually very outgoing. She can be to judgmental of herself and shouldn't worry so about how others see her or if they except her. Looking alot like her mother but easily standing her ground with her own surpassing beauty and personality. With huge eyes and long flowing hair that seem to have flecks of gold and amber dancing in it, and her brilliant smile she look as a story book mermaid. She is strong, brave, and confident in many things and is not afraid of standing her ground. She will stick up for her friends and always defends the truth. If you don't know a Sheanna yet find one! Get her in your life, you will be blessed by her presence.
Sheana sheanna kind long flowing hair loving kind outgoing huge eyes fun defends blessed beautiful personality confident brave strong mermaid shenna sheanashanna Sheannashena
by A Nae the Gypsy Mermaid keeper October 25, 2010
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