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A completely down to earth person, super hot body, great personality, can get along with anyone. This person can throw amazing parties and get along with ANY type of person. This person is intelligent and independent. This person is great at athletic activities like sports or anything that involves hand eye coordination. This person has different talents in the arts, sciences, social arts, etc. This person is spontaneous and can have a lot of fun at any given moment. This person is "larger than life".
You are such a SHAWYAN.

Your penis size is Shawyan.

Your personality is Shawyan.

You workout at the gym like a fucking Shawyan.
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A SHAWYAN is an annoying little shit who makes people Google phone numbers to verify their identity all while making them turn into a physical tomato.
"SHAWYAN was the man who broke Leviticus's heart by dumping his ugly pretentious ass for someone else, so Leviticus never wanted Shawyan to enjoy penile affection again and made it a sin."
by Bow down, I'm Jesus. March 13, 2015
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Someone named shawyan is usually always calling people gay because they don’t want to admit that they are.
(Shawyan): β€œhey look it’s gaylivia”
by Gaylyot March 01, 2019
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