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A using kinda girl from a using kinda world, she has no tittys and nice legs
Oh my goodness is that a Shavonte?
Yes, yes it is
by loganongley June 21, 2013
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Shavonte is a thick flexible person. She can dance and she loves doing gymnastics also she loves doing dubsmashes. She's very petty and will beat a hoe as*. She don't play around. She's also very pretty and she has nice teeth. All the boys want her and even girls want her. It takes a arm and leg to get with her so once you get with her, hold onto her tight. She's worth a million dollars. She's a virgin and doesn't plan on changing that anytime soon but get a Shavonte and you will fall in love.
Bro, I want Shavonte so bad. You just don't know.
by @myaa0x October 14, 2017
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