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a word used to express discontent or displeasure in something.
Oh shatos, the porch monkeys are coming!

Shatos its Mr. Bass, wait does he even have a job?
by tommyfbk February 02, 2010
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when we give hugs to computar to and tombo sips on his tea and yells out sha to in his english voise
look up and u will see a fine example
by im anthony April 14, 2004
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Just a shortened way to express that life isn't perfect and sometimes, crappy moments in life happen a lot.
Joe 1: Hey man sorry about your girlfriend breaking up with you.

Joe 2: Meh, it's no problem. You know how it goes, Shato.

Joe 1: Yeah, I hear ya.
by Donithor July 05, 2013
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