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In preparation of the Shart Party, one must excessively consume nourishment that allows the instance of a shart. Eggs, the bean family, and fried foods are all suitable avenues.

Only a dwelling suitable of such a prestigious hullabaloo should be considered, fast food chain restaurants and outlet store bathrooms are prime examples of the type of real estate generally considered 'acceptable' for such an event.

To participate, one must gather a small group of acquaintances of the same gender. All participants should exhibit exemplary pre-game behavior. Ensure that each party member is 'primed' and ready to go.
Enter the rest room one at a time as not to cause alarm to whomever may be surveying the area. Once inside, select a stall that feels comfortable, Single toilet bathrooms are generally unacceptable due to sanitary issues. Once you and your party have found your choicest toilets, (or urinals, sinks, what have you.) You may release your 'contribution' on walls, the floor, the toilet paper, basically anything that isn't the toilet hole. Extra points for creativity.

If someone enters the bathroom who isnt on your VIP list, you may make them uncomfortable by using your party favors, grunting and swearing are sure to make them uncomfortable enough to hold their mess.
After all 'business' has evacuated your 'hole', invite your party to view each other's 'businesses'. You may now leave as you came, with grace and dignity.
Friend one: "hey, wanna shit on the bathroom floor of Krogers?"

Friend two: "Boy would I! I'll call Ricky and Jake, we'll have a shart party"

Friend one: "thats the choicest idea I've heard all day."
by zgraid August 02, 2014
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