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what i like to call "hickville usa". this is probably the most country you'll ever see in New York. there's at least 600 people who live here. the school is pretty much shit and most of the kids are druggies anyways. the school can't even afford basic suit like security systems. theres only a few people who moved here from other places and what i like to consider normal. the others are the biggest fucking rednecks ive ever met. they literally ride four wheelers everywhere, and speed because there's no fucking police. the only chain place is stewarts and nothing else and our sport teams suck and there are only a few kids who know what the fuck they're doing with their lives. were only good at basketball, pretty much. and we only have verizon so good luck finding barely any service. People show up to schools wearing confederate flags and there are only white people and like 3 hispanics with no asians or African Americans. But at least we don't fuck our cousins like Middleburgh.
Person 1: "Sharon Springs is the shittiest place to be in New York."
Person 2: "Try Middleburgh"
by shabye420 June 23, 2017
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