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An extreme sport of which the object is to masturbate a shark, the greatest achievement possible being an ejaculation by a Great White Shark. One participant ties raw meat onto his/her ankles and swims near the shore to lure in the animal where three others wait. When the shark approaches, the three sleepers wrestle the shark into submission and the "baiter" manually stimulates the shark. Upon ejaculation it is important that the team clears the area as quickly as possible because post-orgasm behavior of sharks is often erratic and the chance of participant injury is increased due to close proximity.

This sport can be played by a team of more than four, but traditional Sharkjacking is done with a team of four.
"Nothing like a game of Sharkjacking in the morning to get the blood flowing, eh boys?" --Chris Kahn of the Starship Enterprise
by QuadkilleR June 23, 2006
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As seen on Dog Bites Man on Comedy Central.

Shark jacking is the most common injury of spring breakers in florida. They swim out to a shark infested area with meat tied around their ankles and when sharks attack, they roll the sharks on their backs and masturbate the shark.
by MonCor August 27, 2006
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