Someone that is devoted to their sports team. They are sad when the team losses, happy when they win. Their mood depends on their team's status.
Nicole: We made it to the playoffs!! Hopefully we can make it to the World Series!

Josh: I hate people that refer to their sports team as “we.” It’s only appropriate if you are a shareholder.

Nicole: I am a shareholder. I am an emotional shareholder.

Caitlin: Ooh. She got you there, Josh.
by NicoleLF February 13, 2008
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A revenue shareholder receives a portion of a company's revenue directly proportionate to the quantity of shares owned; 1% ownership pays 1% of the total net revenue.

The phrased was originally coined by NaturThink when they developed a new kind of business structured around joint ownership with shareholders participating as board members influencing the direction of the company with online votes.

No more greedy executives voting for hefty bonuses and umbrella parachutes
As a revenue shareholder I received 10% of the company's profits.
by intentions101 November 18, 2011
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