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Shannidah is a females name. The origin of the name is English and German. Meaning: Prosperous & Hardworking. Shannidah's are always beautiful and wanted by many.

1. Fun loving, Caring individual.
2. Oozes Charm and Wit.
3. Very wise with her words and knows much.
4. She is mysterious and keeps to herself.
5. A beautiful, clever, funny, confident person.

Shannidah is usually very smart and is likely to be a teacher or teach friends about life. She is an animal lover and is very accepting. Shannidah is good at holding a grudge and making people listen. Everyone wants to be her friend, and sly remarks are made in jelousy of her. She is an amazing friend, and an even better girlfriend. She is very understanding and very out there.
" That shaz is awesome"

" Shannidah is so amazing, she could eat a donut off my dick"

" Shan-i-da, Shan-i-dah"
by The_ Shazzinator October 27, 2011
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