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Shaniq is short for Shaniqua.

The meaning of the term Shaniq has broadened over time, but it was originally a synonym for "hot chick".

The modern day definition of Shaniq could simply be "a very attractive girl." The term now takes into account not just physical beauty but attractive personality traits as well.

Shaniq can also loosely mean "girlfriend".
1. You know there won't be any shaniqs there. His parties are always sausage fests.

2. Dude, did you see that shaniq?! She's at least a 9.5. Ridic!

3. No joke, she has redefined physical and soulful beauty for me. She is the pinnacle of shaniqs.
by D Spozz July 18, 2009
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(proper noun) for women, the name that represents the woman dating a male-friend.
Ever since Gino started dating Shaniq, he has been neglecting me =(
by Lessball May 18, 2008
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