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When your best friend of many long years screws you over and puts you in a moderate/severe state of rage. Unlike normal deceit by normal assholes, prior to getting Shanified you know that the probability of you getting your trip taken is very high because it has happened several times before to you and to several of your close friends by the culprit in question.

The reason most victims do not terminate the friendship and bludgeon the culprit with a club is because, one of the discernible features of Shanification is that while the victim gets screwed somebody else is reaping the rewards. This could mean that your arduously procured and only stash of Afghan Hash was graciously donated without your permission to members of an extempore party in dire need of getting their brain cells scorched. Or maxing out your credit card to buy fifteen movie tickets online for a movie that rated 10% on Rotten tomatoes for a group of people who you’re seeing for the first and in most cases the last time.
Dude 3: Hey Dude 2, what’re you doing here? You’re supposed to be at the Greenday concert.

Dude 2: Die Die Die Dude 1. I should've known he was going to shanify me. He gave my ticket away to a cancer patient.

Dude 2: Bummer. Wanna get high and watch Pinky and the Brain?
by Brightpsyde March 06, 2010
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