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Shanessa is the most amazing person you could ever meet. Because she is so popular, she is often seen rejecting boys who ask her on dates. With her beautiful fergalicious brown hair, her multiple playlists including spice girls, & her dreams to slap the crap out of her enemy Leela, she is the most perfect girl to ever walk the earth.
shanessa crazy perfectcatastrophicdemonic
by NoodleQuack February 18, 2018
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Not your typical Girly Girl. She is more of a tomboy and is usually a skater or biker. Mostly a bookworm. Has a good sense of humour.
Oh, that girl's just like Shanessa!
by brqken June 16, 2018
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Special spoken and brightest of all
You are shanessa. You are smart and special and soft heart that is strong as well. You can never be broken.
by Shanessa shamyra June 18, 2018
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