Local term for the "twin cities" of Champaign and Urbana in Illinois. These two cities are usually just considered one area, but Champaign-Urbana sounds too formal, so some people just say this instead. People from anywhere else usually don't get it. These people often pronounce the S in Illinois as well.
Ted: Where you live?
Lisa: Shampoo banana!
Ted: ...?
by Miss Leslie April 12, 2006
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a much better version of champaign urbana. only true townies and members of illini-nation are allowed to use this word. it has origins in 410 E Healey, the social circles of green street, and the elite socialites of Kams and Lion.
Sam: Are you from Champaign or Urbana?
Nick: No, I'm from Shampoo banana
Ani: I'm moving out
by sid6969 October 27, 2021
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