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Really bad, ultra tumblr-esque grammar. Portmanteau of sham/shit + grammar. Features run-on sentences, weird punctuation, minimal caps, etc. It's fine in informal online/texting contexts, but when even your formal writing uses shammar you've gone way too far & need help because this is totally not ok in a professional setting like why would you even??????
Shammar: basically writing like this right here isnt actually a sentence and like yes,,, i made a typo but also i don't care enough to fix my punctuation and like. why? you know? i mean sure, i totally do write like this all the time and arguably its sort of like its own dialect and thats definitely cool, but some people apparently can't understand not to write like this normally???? like even on school assignments and work emails and its like ???no??

College dudebro guy: hey so why did i get a D on my paper i dont get it i worked really hard on it . can we meet do discuss my grade because i dont think its fair???? -sent from my iPhone

prof: i mean, this is an English class dude you are in 3rd year undergrad && you should know better by now. honestly how have you not been called out on this before. get your shit together pls you are embarrassing yourself so just dont ok? go bastardize our language somewhere that isn't a term paper , your shammar has no place here thank
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by professorrumbleroar February 14, 2018
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Shammar is the dope person. The named shammar is a brave and strong guy
Shammar was fighting ten people
by Shammar June 18, 2018
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